Lost ship to server

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> Did not switch ship from private in time and it got taken.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Hoot


Time (cb:time):
=> around 22:00

=> Golden Globe

Structure Name(s):
=> Omnipotus

Structure ID(s):
=> can’t find it

How can we help you now:
=> The CV was private on planet and before I could change it It got taken.
Would like help getting it back…
Thank you.

You can use the command to buy it back yourself without an admins help.
The command is egs:buyback:ID

ID would be replaced with the structures ID. Structure ID can be gotten in-game by typing “di” into the console without the quotes. A box will pop up at the top of your screen. Just look at the structure and at the bottom of that new box will be the ID #.

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This is the problem, the structure is gone, so I can not look at it to get the ID and I can not find it in the registry, i lost it only about 10 min after I got it so it might not have registered yet.


I restored it close to you.
Just have to set it to your faction again in a few minutes


Thank you.

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