Lost ship

Hello admins…

We lost a ship in ETS with NR:9158097

Has there been a wipe of ships or something that i didnt see?

It was with 337 devices and has been on Peacekeeper (Forgot that ETS is not PVE).

Is it gone forever or is it posible to get back so we can take it down and remove all stuff from it. (Our member had everything on it.)



with the new limits i guess it got manually remove, i lost my darling in peacekeeper aswell it had around 540 devices.

aha … sorry


yeah Rol3x already complained yesterday in a not nice way.
I told him about the Rule:

  • 300 devices for CVs in PvP space and 50 devices for CVs on PvP planets. He thought because it got no warning in PK he could park it there on PvP space. But on PvE you have different limits.

With over 170 playhours on HWS, ignoring the rule since 2 days and was like fuck you server, no please, I wasn’t in a mood to restore his ship. Sorry.


Ok. I have then i understand you. :slight_smile:

Hi there lets take a small step back here from any stand .
First of all Rexxus as an ex (server owner - maker ) you guys are making a nice job great server and prolly an even greater job trying to keep it up working like that . now on the rolex ship case as in my opinion is a ( big language barrier problem ) or just a minor non understanding the news rules . wich were kinda a little messy at first but we get the general idea now . in the same moment a other player (gunslinger ) if i remember correctly we saying im tired of mad ship warnings and i respond that as soon as possible i was going to get there and delete the ( UGLY BETTY ship ) were i think was the confusion as the ship ( delete action ) . Rol3x was park in space ans those warning were pointing toward the ugly betty as i can understand it since she was the only Cv from mad on the planet . Please can u consider giving him back hes cv and we will make sure that the rules will get pointed out and posted via link into ours discord channel . as for ours latest project for the planet as talked whit zappe is there an eta possible ish for the whipe date ? . on that gotta go make more ammo :smiley: have a nice day and if u have any question dont be shy

Noks -MAD

Can you please bring up the chat where I offended you or your server? In no way was I rude or offensive. I only asked where my ship was and could you respawn it for me.

Maybe I missread but it was like a command and nowhere a please or sorry.
We are people who give a second chance, but in a way we see it is worth it and not as we are treated like kind of machines which do everything you want in our spare time ;}

Anyways if I see this ship is still unnamed the next day or anyone with 190+ playhours on HWS trying to say that “I don’t know any rules” I won’t be so nice anymore. Sometimes a human only learns lesson with a lost.


sorry for the trolling but i am bored :stuck_out_tongue: waiting for the damn wipe.

What are you expecting wipe will change Thran? There will be even less to loot at least before ppl will settle down somewhere.

Btw: Only 250k credits will be transfered to new universe! (trolling too as i saw you behind window on my 50 devices Rexxus CV as screenshots proves)

i am not after the loot, i am after an fresh start, the galaxy we have now is way to big, and i want to build something that will last for weeks not until next week or something.
yes all is planned out elfias

Thank you for retrieving this for me.

Hi there nice to see that the situation was resolve in both ways . keep on the AMAZING work you doing Rexxus !!!