Lost ships in factory

Earlier today I had a CV and 4 or 5 SV’s stored in my factory. I have now logged in later and they have all gone - an error posted up after I had patched and logged in saying a data file was corrupt.#

I am assuming that you can verify the existence of these in a previous backup. I am happy to build them again however there was a large resource cost. Please can the resources be returned and I will use my donator BP speed ups to rebuild them.




yes yesterday was a corruption party all over the place.
Sadly we can’t check the factory from backup due many data get stored from your cache folder and specific hardware storage they are stored. We only can see a bit over the restore way.
If you have kind of screenshots showing they are ready to spawn and which one we can see what we can done / refill do packages.
Otherwise it is was black sunday, for many guys :frowning: