Lost ships on Phaeade Moon 2 while exploring

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What happened:
I was exploring Phaeade Moon 2 my ships disappeared while I was on foot. Structure commander showed my CV named UFO with my docked miner ship still on the moon. So I built a CV teleport to try and teleport into it, but nothing showed up to teleport too. So I logged out and back, and then my CV teleport was gone too. So i am standing on a moon currently with my suit and not much in the way of transportation.
Player(s) with issue:
Time (cb:time):
June 19 21:18 Approx.
Phaeade Moon 2
Structure Name(s):
UFO, Private Eyes
Structure ID(s):
1399569, 263247
How can we help you now:
Can anything be done to get my ships/stuff back?


sorry for the issues. Will be all better soon. +
Warped you and your structures to TAW Emprie.
Ignore the structure on that old Playfield. Its corrupt

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