Lost ships on server disconnect immediately after a warp

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What happened: Disconnect after warping, ship lost
Player(s) with issue: Arturen
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 7/16 2:00pm
Playfield: Alien Hatchery or Paragon (had just warped to here)
Structure Name(s): Interstellar Traveller
**Structure ID(s):**27379680 and 24979933
How can we help you now: Can I get these back? This is everything I have

Hello @Arturen

your ships are not lost but the main bug happened that your player warped but your ships stayed at Strayom Sector.
I warped you back to your ships so you can try again.

This problem happens because:

  1. Strayom has too many structures, the game crashes / buggs if it tries to unload so many structures (forget your ship to warp)
  2. You have too less RAM installed in your PC (16GB is sadly minimum for good MP experience)

Thanks! I’ll try again. I was just trying to find a place to build a base :slight_smile: Is there a different way to get to Paragon and the other PVE planets?

I have 16GB of RAM and a pretty hefty PC

Instead of the K warp thing I recommend you try our HWS Supergates instead.

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Thanks a lot! Mostly back together. Just lost my backpack. I wasn’t expecting to go EVA.

I didn’t understand about the supergates. Still in my first few days here.

If you need further help let me know.

Supergates are explained in the link I sent above.

Have fun!

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