Lost Stuff - Server Connection Issues

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened: Had been scouting GG with some members for awhile - We clicked on to the fact that there was connection issues and it seemed to keep being unable to send data for some reason to the server - Even though on a quick speedtest - My speeds were fine - On TM in win 10 - It showed I was sending at 56kbps and receiving at 40kbps - Which is minute - Anyway, I go to leave Orbit and I keep lagging back onto GG - It just would not load BH at all for me, I eventually gave up and went and landed at an allies base to ensure the ship did not get blown up while I reconnect and for extra security - Restart my router (although it definitely isnt on my end) - Upon reconnecting, I fall to the planets surface - Bugs… Bugs everywhere… - Cant find my ship on the map, an ally tells me its in orbit o.O…
So we make plans to evac - Note I am not anywhere near where I logged out - I get killed by the millions of towers that are now up on GG, and eventually give up and spawn on my ship to collect the SV… It seems to show for my friends but not me… - After another reconnect, It shows up - Half missing :confused: blown holes all over the place — We couldn’t get into the ship as it was saying that it was currently occupied ( The server still thinks I am sat in the darn thing :confused: - ) So after abit of thinking we thought to replace the cockpit - Darn thing gave us parts and the actual cockpit - So now its showing public - I managed to get my ammo out, but because of the time and no way of getting the ship as the server still thinks I’m sat in in it :confused:… We left it…
**Player(s) with issue:F.E.A.R Ragnar
**Time (cb:time): Unsure but I tagged you on Discord around 11:18pm GMT
**Playfield: Golden Globe + Black Hole
**Structure Name(s): Valhalla - Rag (Might be Ragnar)
**Structure ID(s):15463386
**How can we help you now:I would like the stuff I lost on the planet due to this - And my SV back - The issue was not on my side as other players/friends were also experiencing issues - Which can be seen in the video/audio - It is frustrating that this seems to be the only playfield that lags so much, surely something can be done about it?

Sorry forgot to add video - It is currently rendering - Once uploaded I will post the link

https://youtu.be/QJmOT0mql3I - Heres the video

I watched the video and its unfortunate, but this stuff happens. I’ve no idea how many times it happened to me and sometimes you just have to accept it as part of a buggy game. I know its frustrating, but its equally as frustrating for us and I can assure you that RexXxuS is working constantly to make this whole thing work as we all want it to.

Glad to see you got your ship out and are busy reclaiming it … I was going to lend a hand but I think I hear someone shouting … :wink:

@DeeExpus - We didnt get the ship out :slight_smile: But its okay, I will just accept it… I guess it is alpha after all :slight_smile:

oh? Must have been the other Valhalla with that ID … :smiley:

Do I owe you two cookies now?