Lost SV after restart

The SV ID:3860046 was parked ontop of my CV and when the server restarted the ship was missing. When activating the waypoint to locate it, it showed it stuck beyond the pole barrier. I was hoping that the ship could be retrieved and I had checked discord to see if an admin could assist. Unfortunately Hopscotch verified the ship was deleted and also shows that it had been deleted on HWS Connect. If the ship can be retrieved, if it could be placed on the ground near ID:3597870 that would be fantastic, thank you!

Also https://gyazo.com/8af6a1a0e2e21f82cf1946011f31c98d

It was deleted due to beeing in pole and not beeing abel to be move out. I readded it close to that area where it was deleted.

Got it back, thank you so much!