Lost sv on CSW

HWS took my cv and 3 sv so I paid 7.6mil to get them back then I warp back to san and I lose all 3 sv after one h I csw to na server to pull ore from OCD and I pulled like 100k of each (ignots) (cobalt, copper and silicon) and 300k of each (ore) (mag, and iron) and I csw back and that sv disappear. So what I spent 7 mil for nothing and loost ore worth like 2-3mmil?? I did CSW from NA to SAN!

Ids of ships:
SV: Cent 726137 Cross Server Warp
SV: Small Vessel (SV) 721346 Cross Server Warp
SV: Ore for RED 1034171 Cross Server Warp

Can the items lost be returned please ?

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  1. 7,6 millions have NOTHING to do with CSW. It was your fault not respecting peacekeeper limits
  2. Only SVs? CV not?
  3. Were your SVs private or faction?
  4. You jumped alone?
  5. Who is @dbgoddard? Why he is hijacking your get support request? What items? What matter??
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Only sv they are all faction. I was jumping alone. He is guy from our faction. Will I get sv back they had a lot of ores ignots and loot inside?

He’s saying “I paid all that money for them back, just to get them jacked from me by CSW” is what he means I’m sure.

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Yea like that @colin2cold

To eliminate any confusion dbgoddard is now Big Red, I’ve been playing on HWS since 2.0 and changed my steam name over a year a year ago


I’ve now updated my name in preference :wink:

We checlk it in a minute. tryining to test the fix and then taking care about lost things. sorry :expressionless:

Thanks for your time on this.

Done see other post