Lost SV on Loading wall - Phobos

Username: Comanche Brave
Server: NA
planet: Phobos
ship name: The 5ET Junkrat

Crashed loading into planet, ship is on the other side of the loading wall, unable to get it. Could I please get a bit of help retrieving it?

If possible could you just warp it to 5ET’s “5ET Frontier Shipyard” orbital base. That is Orbiting Phobos.

Can you please send your logs to the devs? That would be really helpfull to figure out the problem. Thanks a lot.
See cb:logs for more info.
I warped it to Peacekeeper 1 5000,5000,5000.
You know that monday is Staert Planet/Orbit wipe? So your Shipyeard is not there anymore.

I thought that orbit was only deleted on Fridays, sigh

It does only get wiped on friday. What you encounter was a game “feature”, I mean bug.