Lottery in 6.0?

Just wanted to see if anyone has heard of anyone winning a lottery ever? I know the seasons are now very short, so might be worth increasing the odds perhaps?

I never see a forum post stating someone won and would like to see at least someone is winning… dont have to release their name or anything, but could post something saying we have a winner, they are now 3445232343 billion richers! Congratulations winner!

Is it even working now? I tried so many times and haven’t won. maybe I’m just unlucky

Yes we want to push that a bit more in 6.0. I know of two guys actually whoh won over 1 million credits once.

We will make a dedicated Hall of Fame.

@RexXxuS is it only numbers from 1-100? If so, what prevents big clans from splitting the numbers across multiple people? Or maybe I just misunderstood and it’s not 1-100.

it is the command lot:? in game.
1-999 numbers. 20 tickets per person.
Just read it up

I’ve come within 1 number before.
Game changer for whoever wins one. Would be cool is a new player won lol.

can you publish all lottery numbers ?
we will make some analysis and it will help us for understanding how this randomazer is working :slight_smile: