Mad bug with NSC cores

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What happened:

we fighted agains ABN little bit Bushywalker or how he is spelled :smiley: enter the fight and my CV not shooting him ! (setup players only all (base sv cv ) generators only) nothing shooting … he is perm close 700-300m nothing shoots … .now it comes …
After i put it back to NPC factions … my CV start shooting on his NSC cored ship … [~_*]
a way to fix this big problem ?
Player(s) with issue:
Senor odd / Bushywalker



Time (cb:time):



walla or cebbo idk more

Structure Name(s):

woppa 5 and ship of Bushywalker

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

hmh idk maybe try to fix :-/

It’s not an HWS bug, it’s actually an Eleon bug that will be fixed in the 9.1 patch, currently on the experimental branch.

See this thread:

Hmm yeah, the changelog is not that clear about it.
Let’s wait for EXP release or please just patch to EXP and test yourself!


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Can someone approve / deny this with the 9.1 patch now?

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