Major issue with Concordia

So a few of our faction mates logged on tonight and found themselves on Hunter I starter. Here is the thing they logged off on Concordia, they had all their gear still, and probably most interesting is they are Trader Origins… Myself and others also being warped away whenever we try and land on Concordia. When possible please warp Damius and loveshack back to their locations on Concordia.

Now all our structures/HVs are no longer showing up in our registry… So to recap the NFA members who were on the planet were all warped to Hunter starter(All Trader Origins) with their gear, no one from the faction can land on Concordia, and now all our stuff is no longer on the registry but not showing up as destroyed on HWS connect. @Jascha @RexXxuS @hopskotch @Achilles

Yes the planet seems dead… can’t teleport on there.
Need to investigate…


so with the 6.3 patch and the fix for Kratos on EU it seems that also Concordia suffered under this bug which is fixed now.
Please test if you can go in there again and please verify what ship etc. is lost etc.
A list or so would be good.

I’ll check then.

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Thanks Rex Ill go and look

Alright it appears everything is back to normal thanks @RexXxuS ! When you get a minute can you warp Damius and Loveshack off H1 starter and back Concordia III NFA base? Thanks!

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Ok, cool. Done