Make HV drill turrets viable? Is this possible with config?

So the vanilla drill turret hits only has hard as a T2 hand-held driller. A single player can mine by hand, or take a HV with 6 drills and do some serious excavation.

Yet, a player controlling a drill has nearly no bonus. You are a tiny bit safer, but a drone can dig better, with better range and control.

Suggestion: boost the required resources for HV drill turrets to be equivalent to 6 fixed drills. Boost the damage as well, to the same amount.

This will allow players to use either a drill turret OR fixed drills. With the added bonus that it will be easier to nail asteroids in water without tilting, or asteroids below terrain with a bit more finesse. And it’s not OP, since anyone can just stick 6 fixed drills on another HV anyway.

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Yes, it is possible. But we have garage SV! With 9 drills! If we have super drill turrent no one buy it. But if RexXxuS find it valuable i can make one drill = 4-5 fixed drills.

Missing the point. ANY player can mine as hard as 6 drill turrets, all they need is any HV.

A turret can only be controlled by one player.

A turret can only be controlled by one player.

So a HV turret that cannot mine as well as 6 fixed drills is completely pointless, and barely gets used. Even if it IS used, controlling a drill turret means that you cannot move the HV.

Balancing standard HVs against a limit-breaking SV is also inapplicable: the SV can also hit space, warp, mine harder, mine in space…

All of those are great reasons to buy the garage SV.

If the drill turret is worth less than 6 fixed lasers, people will just bring more HVs. If the drill turret is worth more, it mostly obsoletes the fixed lasers.

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