Making a ticket on behalf of a plyer having issues logging into the community

What happened: loggoged on yesterday to go into my cv and it was not there. thinking this was strange i checked the structure command and said was deleted tiried to go to community but could not get to the support tickat as it loggs me out to a log in page which dosent accept it and im going in circles.
Player(s) with issue: : Snake
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): yesterday 15.38
Playfield: Earth x7
Structure Name(s): SNAKE 8
Structure ID(s): 32811821
What do you want us to do: place rescorces into my ocd form lost cv considering there is not much point in hvaing it back seeing as there is a wipe in 6 days but if this is not possible pls can i get the cv returned

not touched for 10 days. If he can pay I can restore it

waiting for him to reply to me thanks

SNAKE - Today at 18:27
hi i have loged onto empyrion every day just about and have used that cv some times to fly to ECC to collect my auto miner ores so it seems a bit strange the 10 day not touched rule

Touch is as it is and it works.
So I see the money is missing for the restore process.

However for a very special and one time super exclusive offer I restored his CV for 50% of his current credit and RP balance.
Have fun.

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