Making prison interesting

I was thinking about this prison the server has, and perhaps we can make it interesting for the players who are sent there. By interesting I mean that if their faction mates trie to break them out of prison, and they (the prisoner) or their faction mates are killed during the attempt escape (many swarms of drones), their accounts are banned for a week and everything is set to zero when they return. No OCD, no autominer, nothing for those who died in the attempt escape.

The reward for escaping is that you get to pick up where you left off. Of course the Hunters could be paid a bounty for the escapee’s head, but that would in my mind further the usefulness of the hunters.

Just something I was thinking of.

Thanks for your idea. We try to see what we can do.

Yeah our first idea was from the Story page:

But we still had no time to look into it deeper since the prison was not a very frequent visitor place before :wink:

Jascha already wants to improve this if he is back.

Would be interesting… Although I feel it’d have to scale based on the faction though. Some faction have a lot of resources to devote to a jailbreak I would imagine.