Map problems

hello, i was entering comet trail from black hole, when i arrived in system i could see all objects in comet trail play field as if everything was set to public, this lasted for about 20 seconds and then the map icons started to vanish until it was back to how it should be, also a friend from a different faction was there and he saw the same thing, all objects in the play field, he says it lasted 2 mins for him before the icons started to vanish.

Sadly that is a really really mean bug…

Like here (log from or tool):
“25.02.2017 09:38:04 ATTENTION: On Playfield ‘Sierra Nebula’ 147 structures were set to public. This looks like a bug. Those structures will be set to their last owner.”

The game sets the structures to public. Our tool catches the bug (after it happens) an sets all structures back. thats why they disapear again. We ask everyon not to exploit it. Devs will work on it maybe even up to alpha 6.0.

So far we also dont know what causes it. Somehow we have the feeling it hast to do with the game running already soooo long. I guess we really need a full wipe and Alpha 6.0
Thanks for letting us know.

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