Market issues

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What happened:
=> I brought some items from the market in the market zone but was charged rp for the purchase. I assume this was because of the lag from my ping.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Snowman

=> na

Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Could I please be refunded my rp?

Hello @Snowman
why did you accept that “lag” four times and didn’t stop after the first issue?

You just should have waited until you get greeted in the zone.
Let me check the logs.

I didn’t think to stop to look, it rarely happens

That is not correct!

So… you wasn’t in the Marketplace Zone in the first place! You were in the EGS Zone…

From time to time I make detailed tests of player claims, to see if we need to improve / fix our tool.
So please tell next time all details.

I restored the RP as exception.

facepalms your right I moved to do my autominers and must have forgotten that I moved. My apologies rex, I didn’t mean to mislead. Would it be possible to have a personal rp limit implemented that each player can set to a certain amount so that you cant accidently spend too much rp? So if I set mine to 10 it wouldn’t let me buy anything until I selected a lower amount or was in the right spot.

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Nice idea. I mean everyone get a big pop-up warning with red letters but maybe we can extend the “co:info” (Config) command in the future to have such control over certain situations.
(also to turn Intruder Alarms on/off… new Patreon Goal :smiley: )


Last week I thought I was in Market but was still in EGS, made a purchase and lost 500 RP. OUCH! I chalk that up to carelessness. :slight_smile:

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