Market place is down again

I have never been able to buy anything in there…Pos is 0.0.0 whn i checked it.


pos is right but people still ramming the marketplace :frowning:
The rotation was completely messed up after my holiday visit.
I hope it will be fixed soon or I need to hire people catching those lazy breaker fools so I can destroy their ships.

hm check my intruder log…

checked it this morning again and still not working.

Because someone again rammed it… very annoying. Right now I fixed it again and devs are working on a fix. I am working on a hotfix

Yup i got a member of my faction to check mine while he was visitin and hun n gather seemed to welcome him when he entred mine.
not played it but heard space engineers mechanic cause ships 2 explode on impact lol pitty it didnt happen to these arseholes :confused:

tryed smally and ika now and dont work :slight_smile:

Do we have any ETA on when the traders will be open ?

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