Market place. Lets fix this,

Is it only me that thinks its stupid that we have 1 base for every trader ?

And isnt it even more stupid that all shops are concentrated to the warp point ?

Last time i was warping there you can´t find anything.

So my ide is this…

Lets make an HWS supermarket where all shops can be. I know admins would love that.
It will have less lag and easier for customers.

Who is up for a change ???

We are only a handfull of people that have NPC traders and if we can agree then this will be setup quickly.


Whizzle and I already discussed this a while ago and sent it to Rex. It will probably be changed once we get more features from the devs and/or after the npc package overhaul.

But it is also the trader’s fault. They don’t use a public core as a marker. I don’t mind I just get more customers :slight_smile:

well if we all can agree then lets just make a market and start using it. As long as most of us with NPC´s agree its done

Had the same idea already discussed with @TinyDewDrop, instead of everybody got one Station in that system we could build some kind of Mega Mall. Not only that you will find more NPC´s at one place, the chance for additional sales would rise while at the same time the cost for advertisement would go down.

But then we must fight over the best spot in the station

Nope they will all be the same…

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Something like this:

This is a great idea and used a lot in minecraft. Space station that looks like Baylon 5 or Deep Space 9. It would make it so much better.

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Here is an ide of a HWS market with 12 shops or NPC spots.

All market spots are the same. (10103) and all spots have a private area over them.

this is still just a ruff drawing or blueprint but i want input from here.


I will spawn it tommorrow morning… if you want a room tell me.