Marketplace - bugs!

I lost all item from Pending tab. I buy 12 stacks of magnesium and other things yesterday. Today i arrived to El Marketplace go to trading terminal and this tab is empty - all goan. WTF ? Where my cargo or my money&

Hmm don’t know AFT.
These kind of reports are sadly very hard to understand for us and the devs. For you it is not working, for other people it is. So it is an alpha game and it would be best if everything what can cause you troubles are kind of tracked by you. Screenshot before you bought something, screenshot after you bought it… when, where, what, was etc.

Otherwise we and the devs just can say “don’t know”.

Only thing we can do in addition is to request marketplace logs from the devs if this happens more often

Ok i understand. I think this is happen after server restart for make backup. Late i have this bug on constructors - after restart some constructors come to empty.

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