Marketplace time delay?

I still see epic weapons on market, and I purchased two about 30 hours from posting this, but hadnt gone to pick them up (bought them at location in elemental marketplace. They are no longer in pending tab, but the items I’ve had posted in market that expired nearly a week ago, are still there. Did I get the weapons lost, or is there a certain time frame I have to pick up purchased goods that I didnt find in any patch notes?

Thank you for the attention to my issue,

  • Shadinaxx

I had the same issue, spent 100k for epic pistol and it was in the pending market. Now its gone.

Any way to reproduce it, so we could give it to the devs?

No clue if there’s a way to reproduce, simply, bought items listed in elemental market while we were in trader start (was gonna make a trip to elemental market the next day). When we looked in pending the next day, the weapons were gone from pending, and the credits were removed. Other items remained in pending.

Was this next day friday?

I think it was, come to think of it, dec 23rd friday

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