With only a few days left before the season ends, everyone selling items on the Marketplace might want to look at slashing prices if you really want to liquidate the stuff you’re selling. I wouldn’t mind buying some items, but the prices are just too high.

And those selling gold ingots for more than 250 credits each? Really?? 1 gold ingot is only worth 250 credits. People must really be desperate to buy ingots. That’s like me giving you $2USD paper bills for a $1.50USD worth of US coins. Noobs beware! Do The Phoenix Mission and unlock the Phoenix system for gold if you don’t want to get gold from a PvP area. Just bad economics if you buy ingots above 250 credits. (That’s irritated me for a while and I just wanted to get that off my chest.)

Okay, time to start packing things up into the old OCD for the next season…

Gold ingots always sell for more then they are worth. Otherwise why sell them when I could just turn them into coins and deposit them?
People are willing to pay top dollar for gold ingots because then they don’t have to mine it. Simply use the money you make from interest to buy gold. Then it goes right into OCD.

It’s done this way because that’s the only way for some people to ever reach the higher level upgrades.

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pheonix system yeilds around 1 stack of gold. not worth the effort to a player with higher levels, i buy mine at a higher than actual value so i dont have to spend real money to keep the equivalent in credits

gold becomes very valuable at season end to place in OCD as its a way of transferring money over to the following season. If your EB bank is higher than the rollover you either buy gold or RP to cash out the following season.

T3 gens and blocks are also in high demand for OCD storage as you can put them in factory when you start new season and instant spawn a CV.

people save gold to sell this time of year usually to increase their OCD level.

How do you buy RP?

With the Alien Containers in the marketplace.

you can buy in the market place but also yellow containers usually around 8-12 per time at ecc, flying city and ecc raccom.