Mars Wipe Screw Up

Hey guys, as you’d imagine I’m new here and long story short: I was on Mars during last nights wipe. I had a base and no ships but enough ore & ingot to make an SV and a good dent into my CV.
I had some confusion about the wipe times and dates but I’ve got it figured out now. If someone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated… I don’t necessarily need my base back (I’m super far from it anyways) but if I could get the structures that were in it in my inventory and if possible the other stuff I had in my inventory that would be great.
PS In Game: Bounty
HWS NA - Mars


yeah the wipe times on NA will be soon transfered to your local times. GMT+2 is confusing we see…

I helped you a bit in your inventory. Couldn’t restore what you had without a screenshot of it, sorry.

Welcome again and have fun on HWS! :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciated!