Material Costs

Hello everyone,

I have spent the last three hours DMing every PVP faction and independent PVPer on NA and EU.

My goal was to seek information how these factions were handling the new demands for material costs and time for building. This is the data I collected-

Every PVP faction and every independent PVPer believes that a change in material price was needed to fight inflation. We do not argue this. We are going to argue that a 100% increase was FAR TOO MUCH.

Large factions such as DS3 & ABN do not have to worry about this new demand. We have rich OCDs and we can literally just sit on Golden Globe and mine millions in a few hours. Large factions have major control over major lucrative pvp locations - as they should. However, from the data I’ve collected, the vast majority of smaller factions and or solo independent PVPers find the new change to be unacceptable.

I want to shed light on one specific example of a faction which I have chosen to void their name to save them the embarrassment - they said they are UNABLE to compete with the new demand and now fight in TIER3 CPU HVS. Let me say that again. A smaller pvp faction… Is fighting large rich pvp factions… With tier 3 cpu hvs. This is insane. Perhaps some factions would find this situation beneficial to them - but DS3 - who crave pvp content - is very concerned.

The change is TOO MUCH. It must be reduced. I know you will ask “okay, fine. What should we reduce it to?” well, I say to you, ask your community what they think. Personally I would start at 50% and see how that goes.

I have the following support from the following factions: ABN, Op4, RVR, CAO, cao (CAOs sister faction), SCo, and multiple independent pvpers I can provide screenshot directly to an admin if he questions my Sincerity. Factions unlisted are pending. No faction has outright said they disagree.

Thank you for your time, I hope we can all work together to find a solution to the inflation and expense question.


I support out of a sense of solidarity.


I’ve had enough silicon and copper to last me [roughly] a full year of non stop fighting… now im having to mine to keep extra stockpiles reserved…

the shift is very bad… im spending close to an hour or 2 for enough optronics to spawn a ship that will last maybe 15mins…


While I agree with the sentiment, I disagree with the solution. I understand the inflation attempt, and also feel that is poorly implemented. Here’s the problem, old timers have tons of stuff, so inflation attempt, raise the prices an enormous amount. However that completely screws over anyone new because at the same time mining and poi rewards are reduced. The only viable way that I see for it to work legitimately is to also increase rewards proportionately for mining, looting poi’s, all that pve crap. This will allow new players to do that pve crap and catch up. old timers don’t do all that pve crap and will fall slightly back. help the poor catch up instead of setting everyone back evenly


Well put!


If we had more places than ice world and lava were you get 10k+ for more than just erestrum and zas id be happy.

new hw is good start… just put more in each deposit to counteract how expensive everything is, better to spend time at one deposit getting 15k ore than spend extra time getting to each deposit to get that same amount…

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Also I would like to remove all rare resourses from procedurally generated systems.


100% support this! I understand lowering Core count on some pvp planets to avoid crashes, but this inflation attempt is stopping pvp in its tracks, so many players can barely afford the CPUs now, so its basically allowing the already established to thrive and drive anyone else out. Effectively ending pvp in the long run!


I support this change. I am a solo player who likes to PVP, but this season I have not committed much of my time to PVP due to cost inflation of materials. I spend most of my time mining lately to afford spawning in bp’s to a 100% ore cost inflation. When gold is hard to get in the first place, {to afford items in the market place) I tend to hold on to what I can just to make sure I have enough to create cpu for bp’s that i may lose in time. Please, please Rexxus see this and make some changes so that we as small factions or solo players can afford to PVP with others without going broke.

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Rising cost and values just make PvP enter for newcomers and small teams harder. Also they are more scared now to lose something.
Also when you got you precious PvE CV in default creative, you got one price in ingots. On HWS you got like x5 or x10… surprise :slight_smile:

In the same time old veterans don’t care really, they got devices in OCD :slight_smile:


fully support this one !

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I agree, cpu cost are absurd atm. Would be cool to see more moons/planets with resource covered crusts like copper and silicon. Or make pvp planets that are made of erestrum and zascosium crusts, might spark alot more pvp.?


Just throwing an idea out there, not even certain it’s a good one but just spit-balling.

What about a sliding scale material cost according to the overall wealth of a faction?
A smaller or newer faction would be able to throw themselves at the bigger ones more regularly with a more even benefit to victories, even pain of losses, etc.

  • Probably hard to implement.

  • Could maybe very easily be circumvented so while DS3 has the little guy in mind, some others may not have the same sense of honor and might take advantage.

  • Again, just a thought to easily disregard if of no particular value.

@Profanity mentioned maybe removing rare mats from procedurally created systems? Wouldn’t that just make for more restrictions?
Great idea on a pvp server, absolutely! On a server intended to be mixed, not sure it could remain mixed.

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There were planets with pve/pvp rotation, while in pvp, the crust was silicon and copper… believe it was sathon and cebo, I could be mistaken, but it was 100% previously a thing, mine able copper and silicon crust, no idea why its gone…


I just want to see more mining activity in Homeworld sector and other dangerous locations…

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I’ll re-iterate what i’ve said before. Any change should be evaluated for how it affects new players first and foremost. The server needs to improve New Player retention if it wants to grow.

I support efforts to try and take materials out of the game, as their is a huge amount of inflation either from people just storing for a long time, or from Exploits / Overlooked mechanics from previous seasons where people secured huge amounts of resources that isn’t viable for new players now.

I think Resource costs should INCREASE for top end special equipment, and should mirror Vanilla for low end, entry level equipment. New players who don’t have experience of HWS shouldn’t suddenly need Rare resources for Blueprints that they know and trust from Vanilla / other servers. It puts them off straight away when they can’t make use of things they are familiar with.

I think the model for taking resources out of the game was already established perfectly last season in the form of Anti-Matter Charge. Anti-Matter Charge makes literally zero difference to a newer player, it’s not even essential for somebody just starting out in PVP, but it is essential for people looking to compete at the highest levels. The Erestrum cost of AMC was massively noticeable last season (at least on EU, not sure about NA) Price of Eres went through the roof, mining / PVP on Iceworld was higher than i’ve ever seen it etc.

The Optronics change has hit people of course. but I really think Veteran players underestimate how much the smaller changes hit new players. Changing Computers from 1 Electronics to 10 Electronics per computer has a MASSIVE impact on a new player trying to bring in their first Blueprints, and I don’t think I really see the value in it.


I agree with a good majority of what you’ve posted. Thank you for chiming in!!

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If we had planets like GG for other rare mats it would be amazing for pvp imo… force combat to alot of locations, powerful in their gathering rates… I love that idea!

RVR supports this movement, as a new faction with goals to get into PVP we spent the entirety of last season mining to put ourselves into a position to start PVPing on a proper scale. Come this season the sudden inflated costs has nearly halved our chances of success. I didn’t spend 3 month of last season mining to start this season and see that I need to mine more…

The idea that cost increases, increases spending isn’t sound, look at what covid has done to the ecconomy in real life. People ended up buying less and cut out non essentials.

I can understand trying to battle the incredible OCDs of long term factions/players. I can see various methods employed this season like increased costs to TEAM, skills/talents costing huge amounts of money and various other subtle changes.

I would suggest more low tier pvp opportunities for players, something like a cpu t1, cpu t2, cpu t3 limited fields with decent rewards for factions who want to pvp but can’t compete with the large ones. PVP constantly wipes resources from the game, by increasing costs, less players want to risk their hard work (for limited if no reward, pvp is about having fun mostly). I’m going to suggest enticing more pvp will wipe more resources from the game.


I am not a PVP’er myself, but I am feeling this increase more than ever. TEAMS level 3 will be insane … I am not sure how much longer I am going to be willing to submit myself to these punishing rates. If it stops being fun, I will simply move on. As will most players. Once the excitement of the new season will wear off, we will be seeing the true consequences of these changes.