Materials disappeared from cargo boxes

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**What happened:**Pulled Alien core and Fusion cells from my OCD and they disappeared from my storage boxes
**Player(s) with issue:**Tripwire
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): ~5:25 Server Time
Playfield: TCB Faction Planet
Structure Name(s): Base
Structure ID(s): 1118462
How can we help you now: I pulled several stacks of Fusion Cells out (10 or 15) along with 1 Alien core put them in a storage box in our base and they then disappeared. No one took them out they just vanished! Please help me if you can

The admins can’t track the contents of cargo boxes, only player inventory. Are you sure nobody took it?

Yes, I put the items in turned around a few minutes later to get a power cell stack and ALL the item were just gone. I wouldn’t have said anything about it had it not been I paid real money for the Alien core and it just vanished into thin air. I lost a second Alien core later that same evening but that was lost due to my own poor judgment but the other just vanished, Also the 20 minute timer on backpacks is not working either, Some vanish are within 5 minutes or less.

SOLVED!!! You don’t even try to figure out the problem, you just type SOLVED??? You even give a care about this issue?> I wouldn’t have even said anything about it if I thought a team mate took it! What BS!

Hello @Tripwire

I put the solved tag there for the “technical” answer.
And it is “we can’t track cargo boxes”.

In the past people didn’t come back to their ticket and it wasted. That has nothing to do with your special use case. It should just fit to the reference for people who use the forum search in the future.

Indeed this case here would be a trust thing that it was a bug.
So I trust you this time (gave you 1 Alien Core), that you or someone else did not put it in there and claim it (what others did in the past 2 years by the way already).

I have currently no time to crawl in our backups, restore the base at that moment, search for this identical box you put it in by matching your coordinates by that timestamp and see if it’s true or not. That would be otherwise my burden and to make it fair for everyone.
Just for your information.

I understand @RexXxus I wanted to get the ticket in so if it was a glitch then it was out there for all to know and secondly make the admins aware of it. I do appreciate all you and your team do for the community.

Thank you very much. Hope the transition get done and we can get to playing on this fine server you have.

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