Messed up my spawnpoints

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What happened: Write here
I died this afternoon on Homeworld planet, could not spawn on my homebase in Homeworld space or my CV next to it for whatever reason. (prollly since i marked the CV spawn aswel and it is switched off)
Andre and Gareth tried to help me getting me off the starter planet, but in my trials to get back i left my one man faction, hoping it would turn private and let me spawn. Obviously its now on public.
Player(s) with issue: Write here
Escalade, Lawless.
Server: Write here
HWS EU server
Time (cb:time): Write here
Around 14:00
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Write here
Base name: Space Base Tier 1
CV: Argos Explorer Mrk 2 PVP
Structure ID(s): Write here
Can’t see them atm.
How can we help you now: Write here
Warp me from Lawless HQ (Andrea brought me there with help from Gareth) to the base or CV 30+ kilometers in homeworld space :slight_smile:
Cheers in advance!

Sorry to hear that,
but well since it turned public it was visible to all players and therefore both structures are destroyed. Since you Dont have enough money to pay the fee I will spawn them for free this time.
I changed the location for you and your structures in space as you will notice

Jascha thanks a bunch, aswel as kudos to Gareth and Andrea for helping me.
I’ll be more careful and spread the word!


Update: Tested the spawning this morning, everything went well, as i had no EVA boosts i died a few times going back and forth to the cargo storage to get fuel for my ship and base @ -200 degrees,
Now on Homeworld again, farming, server restarts so my ship blows up? Was underground, didn’t know that would blow it up since it fills the ground but okay, no hassle.
You guessed it, can’t spawn on home base, greyed out again, both are set to private, the CV and base.

Dunno whats causing this tbh, but wanted to leave a reply , i might come back march the 18th or later or not, but not gonna bother everyone again, this will prolly happen tomorrow again. So waste of effort i guess.

Thanks for the helping and i will maybe see you soon again.


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