Meteorite Issues still present?

Currently me and my crew are on the trader planet. We have 6 people playing so we can cover ground pretty quickly. The issue we are having is that we can’t find promethium. We haven’t found any meteorites that have dropped for promethium and the only way we’ve gotten the stuff is by swimming in the lakes to pick it up there. Which can be quite a hassle

Ya this is a huge problem. One promethium meteorite finally landed, very close to my base, and I announced its location to the server (on trader planet) where it was, and soon the meteorite was surrounded by ppl and HVs trying to get it. So, the trader planet is starved for basic fuel atm.

Yes, i dropped quite a few including that one, but it seems the others are falling before they get to the prom.

Prom and Mag seem to suffer most.

Wait for the next patch and we are finally Meteorites master.