Meteorites issue

Hey there, it seems there are no promethium and magnesium meteorites on, at least freelancer starter. I’ve been destroying meteorites with the harvest module for a couple of hours and nothing respawn but iron, coper, cobalt, silicon and pentaxid.

There are several topics about it already.

Not much can be done about it. Its how the system works.
It will be changed in 6.4

Lately? I’ve been reading nearly everything since the 7th wipe and I haven’t seen anything about meteorites.
There were few mag/prom spawns before but since the 7th–there are NONE except what the planet starts with after wipe which is cleared in a couple hours planet wide.

Its worse now.

Thank you Vilya for bringing this topic up because it is much worse now on freelancer.

Not only you are frustrated but all was already said by @Taelyn

With the 6.4 patch very soon we have the option to autoremove meteorites.
So there won’t be iron, copper, cobalt anymore filling the planet up till its limit.

There will be also 40 meteorites instead of 20 available.

So stay tuned and pray to the met gods till then. It might help.