Meterorites on Eton

According to the in game discription, there should be Meterorites falling on Eton, yet I have not seen any. Is there a reason for this?

Because I’ve set them to a 20% threshold.
So after the main deposits are depleted to 80% Meteorites start to fall.

Since the Sandwich Planet invention came after that, I consider to change that value or make a perma meteorite rain after the event (to not cause performance issues)

Ok, but I mined out the gold, and there was no meterorites at all. What am I not understanding (programming and most settings is not my area of experience or is it easily understood).

Did you only mine one deposit? You have to mine enough that the total amount of that resource on the whole planet is down to the percentage quoted above.

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Once about 80% of all of the ore deposits on the planet have been mined out (completely), meteorites will start to fall.

It’s not linked solely to one resource type, but all resource deposits on the planet.

That would be my problem, thank you for the clerity.

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No, that’s incorrrect. It’s per resource. As Rex’s screenshot shows above, Magnesium has it’s own drop threshold, as does all those resources in the list.
So when resource A gets depleted the correct amount then resource A meteorites drop, etc, etc.

These are things that are set per resource.