Missing an OCD command

To put only the items in your inventory into the ocd, not the items in your toolbar. Because when I want to use the OCD:PUT:ALL commands I have to put the epic weapon for my origin into a random box (yeah ocd level 6…). Are there still no commands like OCD:PUT:INV (inventory only) or OCD:PUT:TB (toolbar)?
Also I often DON’T want to OCD my multitool, my weapon, my food and my medkits (all in toolbar).
I did read that we can now use OCD:PUT but it’s not what I was looking for.

I don’t think that putting your epic gun in a box resets your RP gain for the next day. But I read somewhere that you need it on you 24hours. But I assume that the server checks only once per hour? Because otherwise when I die I also don’t get my RP the next day right?