Missing BPs after DDoS May 10

After or I guess during all of this I lost some 50k iron, 30k cobalt, 20k copper and silicon, then minor amounts of other resources less than 500 of the rares. After the hardware upgrades were finished and the server came back up the first time. I still had everything cv was about an hour off from being completed and I had a few bases and svs ready to go for our planetary move. server crashed, after logging back in I have notheing in my BP screen. I know I spent all damn day farming meteors just about to get a cv done and get to a new planet…sike. I guess ill b back at square one or maybe we all will after this mess lol. If theres something that can b done great, you admins are the best, and if not…meh its alpha I guess. not like ima quit when I’m sitting here trying to figure this stuff out.