Missing credits and CV


I seem to be missing about 500k credits from the elemental bank. I had about 300k on me which is enough for tax and 500k in the elemental bank. Tried bank and its showing 0.

In the crash 30 mins ago. I was leaving trading planet in my heap of junk CV. When server came back up I logged in and it was gone.

Connect says its here but its not:

Name of Structure Structure ID Structure Type On Playfield O/W position Height position N/S position Device Count Block Count Deleted
Capital Vessel (CV) 10814181 CV Trader Planet 2357 940 162 104 596 false

Hi again its been 18hrs since I created this. Has it been missed or is they a reason for no support this @RexXxuS ?

Thought Jascha restored it.
There was a problem and we restored the RP and credits from a backup. Will do if I find it.

About your ship, don’t know. Bug I guess. Can’t do much. (You also didn’t name the ship…)

Iv not checked the bank will do now. The problem with the CV yes I did not name it but also its showing on Trade planet so I be getting taxed on it its not where it says it is.

Ok just checked my money is back thank you very much.
But I am still being taxed on a CV that is not there. In fact I think its fallen through the planet barrier (the red/orange shield looking barrier) So I cannot get it. Any suggestions:

You already see that the height is “914”. Just move your mouse so you can see in the sky and there you go…
It is lying on the ground (Trader Planet) now because it felt down from the sky…
See screenshot and go there.
If people set their stuff to private and either don’t use the registry to see where their stuff is nor set it to faction to see it always it is a bit wasted time for us…