Missing CV and HVs

Me and a friend of mine just logged on today after not playing for a couple weeks.
When we get on we are missing 2 hover vessels and a Capital vessel, only the SV we have is still there.

Checking the logs I see that the CV and HVs has been deleted.
Both the CV and HVs are original designs, and the CV was a class 1

Basically the CV is just a “flying carpet”, a flat platform with just the basics required for warp flight.

Server: HVS PVE
Planet: Neptune.

This game deletes “unvisited structures” after a set time period. Currently that time is 9 days. Visiting requires someone to basically walk on/in the structure. They are long gone bud, and the backups only go back 3 days. If you are gonna be off for extended period, I recommend multitooling your ships down and ocd’ing them so you can rebuild when you get back on.

Last time I was on was 27th February, and both the base and SV is still there, only 2 HVs and a CV is missing.

If it had been more than the 9 days as you say, then everything would have been gone, not just the CV and HVs.

Except for this

Trust me, this was terrible when I figured it out. We lost about a hundred structures in about a week, stuff kept disappearing every day even when we saw and used boxes on some of them the day before. Only way to be sure is to jump on it, and make sure you can flicker power with “y”. Then it will reset the timer in the structure commander.

And I did more than just flick power on/off, I actually used them when I was last on.

Go into structure commander on connect and see what the time since last visited says.

I[quote=“Bansheedragon, post:1, topic:4872”]
Me and a friend of mine just logged on today after not playing for a couple weeks.

I’m confused as to which one it might be, as there’s an answer in between these dates.

Check HWS connect structure manager. If the vehicles LAST visit date is >= 9d you are SOL. That’s the gospel.

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Checked the structure commander thing and this is what I found.

One of the two HVs are not listed at all, so cant determine that.

The CV and the other HV says 11 days since they were last used.
However I did in fact use those ships when I was last on which means it cannot have been registered that they were used.

I dont know what else to say about it.

What we are trying to say is define “used”. If you mean you opened a box on it, then that is what I have been saying. That is not enough. I had a storage sv disappear with 24 crates of hv ammo, 6 hours after I was using it to arm up some hv’s. But it was parked where it goes, and I was accessing it’s boxes.

The mystery is solved already I guess.

Indeed 11 days = auto wipe.

So as a summarize:

Touched / Visited means: you have to STAND on the structure, and pressing actively P then. No registry trick or drone or distance P works.

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Used as in actively used it.
Entered the cockpit, activated and used it in the game world

I’m confused a couple of weeks is more than 9 days and the 27th is less than a week ago.

Lmao after further reading noticed hawk eyed hops spied this too :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know me n my math. :smiley:

maybe the thing is that a faction stole your structures. I had thw same “problem” and asked support to finally received the answer that a faction stole my CV, my SV and allnthe things inside. The BIG problem is the f*** HWS connect intruder section is bull**! The CCC faction who stole my vessels doesn’t apprear in this section. The administrator saw them in HIS report, but not display in the HWS connect intruder section. Wtf! If you refuse us the PVP offline protection give us intruders section who display intruders!

You would be less happy with offline protection trust me it’s far to exploitable and that’s why it’s disabled on HWS. The intruder log im sure works on collisions or was it Proximity I forget lol

I tried to explain this to you. Intruder log has a drop down list on the top, for day. Did you go through these? or just hit the today option, and rage quit immediately and decide to shit talk our server instead because the information was not spoon-fed to you. If you are mad, it should be at the other Pirate faction that you were not allied with that you parked on top of, in PVP before immediately logging out for 8 hours. Rexxxus actively tried to help you, and found the information for you, the stuff that was apparent to me from watching your 3 minute video on youtube. I suggest you take a step back, cool down, and ask the community how THEY keep from losing their stuff overnight. I’ll give you a hint, step one is not logging off on the pirate pvp planet.


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