Missing funds in my Bank account

wondering what happen…i am short 20k from my bank… im not on a PvE planet or anything… i only have 1 other person in my faction… HELP?

Hey, can you send me a screenshot of your tax list in HWS Connect?

Also how often did you die?

ya i can send you a screen shot… I have died… but all my money was in the bank not on me…

Thanks for the ss.

Ah, there you go. We take the money from your bank first. Maybe that is why. Other than that please hold on for that:

Banker Rex is too OP , Comes in the middle of night and takes all the CR while we sleep. NO CR is safe from the Banker Rex monster… plz nerf :stuck_out_tongue:

HWS was hit by the financial crisis. All your money is gone except for your debts and the rich also keep their money somehow. Now in order to safe the financial system the HWS bank was saved by Rex. But that money gotta come from the taxes so the taxes will soon go up after they rework the factions. Except for the largest and richest guilds, they pay only 0-3% taxes. Besides, if Rex doesn’t, they won’t donate to him for his next 4-year-term campaign and they will lobby against him with the moderators. Without the moderators he can’t pass any new server rules and he will be nothing but a handsome face.
Meanwhile the next financial crisis is in the make and the HWS bank lobbies against server rules to prevent this.

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