Missing HWS Trader Item

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**[color=d0901d]What hap
i Purchased an Quantum CPU Extender from HWS Market and i botched the transfer by moving around.
**[color=d0901d]Player(s) with issue?
=> NeoLeo77

**[color=d0901d]Server? RE NA

**[color=d0901d]When did it happen?
=>23-05-16 04:03

On which Playfield?
=> HWS Home world

**Structure Name(s)?**HWS Home World

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 390179

**[color=d0901d]How can we help you now?Replace the Quantum CPU Extender

have u tried the ocd:restore command yet? it can sometimes bring back lost items from hws connect.

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Thank you that worked! Thanks for your help

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