Missing interest

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What happened: Visited bank yesterday but didn’t receive interest this morning as normally. Have included a screenshot from my dashboard showing the visit yesterday, and another today but no interest.
Player(s) with issue: RuneZ
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 10:09
Playfield: NA
Structure Name(s): NA
Structure ID(s): NA
How can we help you now: Is it a bug or did I do something wrong?


we had yesterday evening some tool problems on EU. There might be some informations that got lost. We can’t reproduce them anymore. But the tool is ok again.

Since you are the first who gave us the prove of some lost data I gave you 400k interest.

@Everyone: For all others we kindly ask to forgive the tool. But we can’t restore everything.
If extreme values were lost you can of course contact us.

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Thank you very much Jascha - and good to know it’s back to normal. Have a good day!

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