Missing items from the ship in the Peacekeeper 1 PVE zone - Adiona

Faction - RuT
Nick SergP
Today went to the game and found that almost all of the things missing from my ship. Was in Peacekeeper 1 (PVE zone) Adiona
You can restore the missing things? The ship was called Bro but he was renamed to 12 .
.What else noticed - SV(name Minik) parked earlier was thrown to the ground, lost everything - and the fuel from the tanks, and the food out of the fridge and eating CPU cycles, the crystals are gone, even their tank (not only of the containers).

Was the ship public?

No - private. And who renamed in 12 without me?

Hey SergP,

yeah private stuff is currently a bit tricky.
Not even you can see it on the map. You have to be very close.

That means that it is listed as active and all good in our tool.
It is still on Adiona with the coords: -2865, 28, -1139.

Open the console ingame and type “di”.
The move along the 3 axis to the given destination.


I tested something and I emerged the next version. There was apparently a failure in the server and my ship has become a common (though was private), and even changed the name.

View my Your Intruder Stats

id - 11301546

No ship with this ID can be found.

But you found your ship “12” as mentioned above?

I did not lose it - it was a failure and he became private and was renamed - and probably all of it taken out as it became common - with the log it is seen who delivered and when.

I have not renamed and moved only in private, as the same player again and again flew all issued

id ship - 13115001

It sounds like you made a mistake and set it to public. Also CV are not suppose to be set to private so i guess that worked out well.

No - I’m not mistaken - this is the server to fail - I wrote above that at the entrance to the game were bugs - my SV lying upside-down on the ground, but was parked on the platform and the ship changed the name.

But now after the restart the game base (Berloga) itself became publik
and was a fractional …

Maybe serg can list what his native language is and a fellow member can translate.

I have the same problem on peacekeeper 5, planet Ornate pve… I logged in and my base was set to public and EVERYTHING was missing. the fridges and structure was intact but all my ore, resources, food… gone … nothing … there was so much in there its even hard to think someone was able to do it alone.

I posted on the forum, hopefully there is something that could be done.

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Judging by the answers here before anyone cares. (
And who do you all took a look at the logs - my “neighbor” under the nickname XoX took everything.

you found out that XoX took it ?

I looked here -

HWS Connect
Login with your Steam Account to use special features for the HWS Server like:
Combat Log: who was near / attacked you when?

Also - I did not transfer my ship in private and rename back (I thought that would be the admin looked at himself and saw), but the tanks added fuel completely - a few hours later they were again empty and at this time on logs was only once XoX Therefore, I think that this is it.

Sorry therefore. But you should definetly set your base to faction. Even after they told you to set it private you left it in public… lots of others would also happily make a “legal” benefit of such a fault…

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