Missing RP Points

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Not getting RP for carrying Epic Weapon + 300 Pentaxid refined
Player(s) with issue: Skard
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Last few days
Playfield: Warping from Freelancer HQ to ECC and Back
Structure Name(s): T0_CV-CARRIER
Structure ID(s): 11490205
How can we help you now: Apply RP points to account

admins are rather bissy so be patient they will get round to helpingyou

Thank you.

Please copy your RP logs here and tell us what went wrong. Thank you

This is my very first record (just started as a reference point for everything to follow):
10 11:49 Buy_Ship Bought ship Freel2 Jet from RexXxuS for 500 credits

At the time I hadn’t yet learned you needed this container I probably put it in my factory later
10 13:30 Container_RP Got 7 RP for having container 541

The following is the first RP entry in my logs. I am a Freelancer, so none of the below even makes sense. Never had a structure called “The Shack” on Lawless HQ, I was either on a starter when this log was generated or in the Freelancer HQ sector for the first time as I had just warped out of starter. Again, never had a structure called Meow Mix and probably hadn’t warped to ECC at this point, never had a Ford F-150 on Lawless. This record is completely broken as far as I can tell.

11 08:50 Faction_Bonus Found only structures in PVP or PvE, not on both. No RP received,PVE: The Shack(11247445) on Lawless HQ, Meow Mix(11434453) on ECC, Ford F-150 2210 Model(11468551) on Lawless Home, ,PVP:

Here I am buying pentaxid for RP purposes:
11 14:00 Buy_Item paid 7500 credits for buying 300 Pentaxid Ore from fe_quirino

Again, didn’t recognize how important this container was (still learning)
11 19:31 Container_RP Got 7 RP for having container 541

Here I had made an alliance with a large clan and did some mining on golden globe with them (to afford to purchase pentaxid and everything else that comes afterward)
11 22:21 Eat_Coins Ate 19980 coins and received 999000 credits.

Next record, you get a faction weapon (I did) at the very begining of your adventures on the starter planet. I did all the standard missions and completed them at the Information Center. Note this is 24 hours after the broken record (yesterday by my time) and I had already warped to Freelancer HQ, may not have had the 300 pentaxid but definitely had the weapon in my inventory.

12 08:50 Faction_Bonus Received 5 RP for warping,No Epic weapon found. No RP received,Found only structures in PVP or PvE, not on both. No RP received,PVE: ,PVP:

Here I am buying more pentaxid for RP and warp purposes:
12 21:42 Buy_Item paid 2475 credits for buying 99 Pentaxid Ore from fe_quirino

Final record earlier today, yesterday I had started to take notice of the discrepencies in the RP accumulation and had already warped to ECC with epic weapon [Enhanced Laser Rifle] + 300 refined pentaxid in inventory once and did at least one additional time to attempt to trigger the RP points I need to start building my place on HWS)

13 08:50 Faction_Bonus Received 5 RP for warping,No Epic weapon found. No RP received,Found only structures in PVP or PvE, not on both. No RP received,PVE: ,PVP:

In summary its possible I didn’t NOT have pentaxid on the first RP record, but I did have my epic weapon in my inventory. Every record after that I had my weapon and most likely the 300 refined pentaxid. So by my best estimation I’m missing 2 days of RP points for having my Origin Weapon + 300 refined pentaxid in my inventory = 14 RP.

Also I didn’t understand the system on my first day (I know thats no excuse) and probably put my gray alien container (required for RP accummulation) into my factory. If I could get this back I promise not to put it in the factory again.

Thanks for your time and interest in my situation. I’m really enjoying my gaming experience here on your amazing server.



sorry the first logs about the structures not belonging to you you can ignore. The messages where wrong and fixed after that.

Now about your other logs:

You did not have the weapon:

Again no weapon or Pentaxid

I think you mix something up, which many before missunderstood. You don’t have to have the weapon “while you warp” but you should have them ALL TIME on you. The check runs every day at 8:50 as you can see. If you don’t have the weapon and pentaxid in your inventory at that time then you will not receive RP.

Ahh you are correct I did misunderstand thanks for taking the time to sort through my information. Have a great weekend.

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