Missing rp

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What happened: checked my player logged and didnt get rp for having bases in pve and PvP. Also found this in my player log. Kind of weird.

Received 5 RP for warping,Received 7 RP for 300 Pentaxid (refined),Found only structures in PVP or PvE, not on both. No RP received,PVE: ,PVP: EGS Bunker(34131) on Homeworld, Tower of Dread(2607657) on Golden Globe, Wolverine Miner v1(6444675) on Homeworld, SV_Prevab_tier2q(6522534) on Golden Globe, ASD-WorkHorse-III(6571645) on Golden Globe, Skynet Hangar(6615368) on Golden Globe, 12-31-17 Woody(6846657) on Homeworld, 01-03-18 HV Space(8407683) on Homeworld, Skynet (8574060) on Homeworld, Shepherd(9917166) on Golden Globe, Beetle Factory(9951180) on Golden Globe, Contact Miner 4 (Ab)(11498482) on Golden Globe, Beetle Wolverine(11669463) on Golden Globe, PHATTY(11672465) on Golden Globe, Ankle Biter RI on Golden Globe, Snowspeeder - 7.0(12385658) on Homeworld, Contract Miner 2(12325160) on Golden Globe, Contract Miner 1(12325161) on Golden Globe, Pirate Hooker Weave(12943226) on Homeworld, Pirate Hooker Zackey(12943263) on Homeworld, Mirage (State)(13459905) on Golden Globe, Fisting - HWS(13552343) on Golden Globe, Inception (13689845) on Golden Globe, Pirate Hooker v4(13689895) on Golden Globe, Pirate Hooker v4(13690052) on Golden Globe, CRAPSHIP (SV)(14277958) on Golden Globe, Dong(14277990) on Golden Globe, New Vwing 1.5(14492123) on Golden Globe, Hurticane AB(14636006) on Golden Globe, Candid Camera(14642025) on Black Hole,
Player(s) with issue: Write here
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: give me rp?

Beetle there is too much talking admins just need facts can you try and stick to the ticket format so its easier and quicker to read
you havent said which server eu or na or the structure id’s so the admins can look at them

Thanks Andrea.

@Beetle - are you talking about a specific instance? If so when?

As the log is saying: you have bunch of stuff in PvP but nothing in PvE.

The “new” Freelancer Story requires this though. Stuff in PvE AND PvP to get the RP bonus.

And in case you ask why Penthouse and Stella Morti is no PvE although it is PvE… for reasons :wink:
Penthouse at least.

If you want Stella excluded from that please talk with your faction and I activate it. Guess this was a fine print.
All donator planets have the PvPvE RP check deactivated per default to not cause conflict for Alliance and Lawless.

Ah ok I was not aware of that. Thanks rexxxus. Will talk it over with faction

Really wish @Jascha had made it here for the trophy though :wink:


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