Missing stuff

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What happened: This seems to be the second time this has happened to me. I dumped my inventory into a box named LP and about half of it went missing a few minutes later. I did this right before server went down. I had a epic minigun, stack of 999 gold, and 16 cans of food go poof. While it may not seem like much I’d like to know what is happening so I can avoid it in the future.
Player(s) with issue: Lovepack
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 1650
Playfield: lavalworld
Structure Name(s): EGS Bunker
Structure ID(s): 33066
How can we help you now: What is happening?

Hi mate,

Am really sorry but we cant keep track on individual items. Sometimes stuff like this happens and we have no idea why or how. Structures and personal inventories we can help with, but containers … no unfortunately. Sooorrryyy …

Thanks for looking into it Dee. I recognize that sometimes shit happens but what concerns me is that this is the second time in just a few days where almost immediately after I store something in a container it disappears. First it was the FA supply and now it was randomly half of my inventory. Granted two data points isn’t enough to definitively say there is a specific bug but it certainly feels that way when items are disappearing in the same manner in only few days time. I’ll try to record the next time it happens. It wasn’t just the gun, gold, and food go poof it was also a bunch of random worthless shit as well but it seemed to only be roughly half of what I put into it.

Even if we cant help in situations like this, am sure its useful to @Jascha and @RexXxuS to know that its happening. Thanks for letting us know mate.

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