Mission Walk Through's

Hey everyone I’m starting to make some mission walk through videos and post them up on YouTube they will also be in the discord under videos and streams.

This is my solo Alien Asylum video. It does not include passcodes or secret rooms those are for you to find. It does however contain key locations enemy spawns, tips, tricks, and a bunch of adult language. Enjoy!


Contrary to popular belief, this man is a machine.

Great job! I’m sure @RexXxuS will rise to the challenge of making it impossible to solo this mission. No doubt you will be there to push that bar :wink:

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Machine is not even coming close. BillyBob can do stuff i can only dream of. Go go Poweranger! :stuck_out_tongue:


here’s my walkthrough…err i should say die-through of the Runner JumperZ mission. Was a little lost a couple times but I am human after all :wink:


I like that one I havnt done that mission before, definitely seems like a epic medium is a must.

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Here is the elemental bank Walk through split into two videos due to the current teleporter glitch.

Mission has been patched there is no longer a damageable wall. So change that part up and head up the stairs and actually clear both floors then head down the elevator. A lot more spawns bring at least one accurate friend.

after patch. can still be done solo due to a slight vulnerability found in their security systems. the vault door currently will open without 3 employee access codes. i didn’t quite make it in time but still a comical watch.

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