Misuse of offline protection continues

Just want to point out that a lot of people talking with me about OP and

Isn’t true.

I am quite tired of that topic and just hope for the changes coming to alpha 8 regarding OP + alliances. Unfortunately way to late.

If people try to fool me with bending rules to their favor just to say “na na na, it was within your rules”, I will start a more radical approach.

I trust to common sense, fair play and a fun PvP meta, we tried hard to achieve with our HWS Config.

To have a territorial war or even create a business out of it, is your game, not ours. But to do it with blatant OP tower abuse (alt account usage) nobody have a chance against is breaking the above mentioned spirit.

I give this spirit a bit of time to establish still but as soon as the alpha 8 / HWS 8 preparations start end of the week I don’t have time for this anymore.