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Note this portion also: "But from the gameplay point of view no player should have any disadvantages if he is not willing to pay for any offered bundle or whatever."
That is why I had to not be admin for NA and go play elsewhere… & I did donate, so I did have those advantages, but as a matter of principle it is really a terrible thing and creates unfair advantages in a server. Being known as a pay to win server is not a positive thing at all.

I added it right after their announcement.
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Over the last Four months we can say that HWS is no pay to win Server like others.

  1. The packages you get are not gamebreaking or allows you to dominate the Server (win)
  2. The playtime is the crucial thing not the money you donate. A person with 300 Dollar donated but 0 hours played get nothing.
  3. We helping every guy donator or not. Giving ships back due Bugs. Giving credits and items back due Bugs or whatever. Even people betraying us and want stuff back"due a bug" they not had was given away.
  4. We had no situation where a donator abused this to win. It is stated as a donator Rule anyway.

Even with almost 300 dollar per months the Servers alone costing me, the Gameplay of our users is the most important thing to us. With our tool we could easily create hundreds of Custom perk bundles but we don’t.

We pushing ourself to our limits helping and manage HWS. Donating is in first place a support for our hard work and not to win.

I reported an exploit and got a donation-pack as a reward. However, this pack is only worth at most a few hours of gameplay and later in the game you won’t even notice it as you already have about half a million in resources per player anyway. Some even have millions. A small pack that gives you maybe 10k resources (probably less) is not really gonna add anything and the timelimit prevents you from getting this pack when you start fresh on the server.
This server has autominers that very quickly are way better than donations or any kind of reward. Also when we report exploits we get rewarded for reporting those instead of us keeping them to ourselves, which also helps Eleon and other servers.

I think it’s like Path of Exile where you “pay-for-minor-advantage” but not “pay2win”.