Money gone from EB

I just started playing and had a total of about 1K credits in the EB. Today I looked and it was gone. I am very sure I did not use it or take it out. I don’t really care about the 1K (I think I will survive without it), Just want to know if something went wrong or that it is me (and the money should be gone) and I am missing something (please let me know what, before I put more money in the bank)… I understand money is gone with full wipe, but this I thing should not have happened…

Can you check. Thanks, aernoud

Did you by any chance visit the market, lucifer, or homeworld space?

Its because you died.

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with this patch I lost 700k in my EB, not sure why but I hope to get it all back did not work my ass off for nothing.

Who are you? Cant find oyu in Game. Please change your forumname to your ingame name.
Also give details. When exactly did oyu notice the loss and when did you see your money the last time, if you remember.

Thanks, did not realize death cost credits too. Thought is was only RP (and as I had non, I did not care for my life at a POI), maybe I should have :stuck_out_tongue:

My in game is Thunder, sorry but the name Thunder was taken in this forum and was not possible to have it the same as in game.

This after the important big announcement! the 19 Jan 2017 I am not sure about the time. I had about this under 700k credits on my toon, I then paid it into my EB, I also trf. all my resource to my OCD, if that can help with the time. Friday morning the 20th I login about 11:00 on HWS website and noticed that all my credits are gone.

Thanx Ryan

Its because you are still 2.5 million in debt because of not payed tax

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How the hell is that possible??? if I go to HWS website it say (You have no taxes - lucky you!️️) I have had the message on my HWS more then 3 months, I think there is a big error on your side, please mail me a list on how you got to this amount! 2.5 million, this is a joke man!!!