Monthly competition?

Just an idea…

Use a planet, and make a monthly race, competition or what ever… it could be what ever that could be fun… Just need one main judge (an admin) and some helpers.

  1. HV race, set up a track, use lights, arrows, what ever to set a course… Need one referee at each point, and a head referee at the finnish line. we would make rules before the start… we could make a bet between players, and the racers…

  2. First to base: all start with an amount of resources, first person to build an SV and fly it to a given spacedock, wins.

  3. capture the survival constructor: 5 players, one sv each, and an given amount of ammo… first to bring the core to the a given base, wins!

  4. planet run: all players start at one side of the equator, and runs the 8km arround… every player get 50 shots, one gun, some cans of food and o2… refferees will watch in SV`s…

just some ideas,something to do when we all don`t fight or collect =)


so like this:

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I do like a lot of these, if you are on NA feel free to contact me about your specific ideas, we will see if we can add em to the event planet

Good ideas dQ. Some already been done in hws 3.0 for example.

Players are welcome to create such things in the first place. Like the awesome jet pack checkpoint race or build and hold your base.

From our point of view 6.0 will change what you understand of events. It will be a different game :slight_smile:

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Nice Rexx :slight_smile:

Then we will see what happens in the 6.0 release :slight_smile:

ps: any way to make two avatars for the forum? N/A and EU :stuck_out_tongue: