More info on OCD

I cant seem to find much info regarding it, something i did do but am confused about is upgrade to level 2, supposed to have 15 slots but i can only seem to fill 7.

Whats that all about am i missing something? im under the impression say i have 2 iron ingots at 999 each, thats 2 slots right? so a single stack of iron 999 should fill a single slot, not two etc

Cheers :smiley:

All the info for it is on the connect. Just look at the commands/info on the OCD screen. Pretty straightforward.

For Auto Miner and OCD go
HWS Connect -> Select your Server EU / NA -> Click on AM or OCD card -> click on the green fat button topper/right.
Always keep in mind that there is a 2 minutes update time from Game to Website.