Moving Day - Earth

The following factions (no members present online) had their CVs and attached fleet of SVs / HVs moved into Earth orbit - just above the asteroid belt.

  • HHH
  • ViT
  • NtW
  • SNA

Per the rules posted in the HWS Guide, a player may only return to a starter planet to pick up a new faction member, help new players (then leave), or if he/she reset their character.

These CVs were massive beauties and a joy to pilot.

My compliments to the architects and the adopters for their taste in ship design.

I screen-shotted these moves and will DM Rex about it.

If I’m in the wrong, he’ll surely let me know.

Again - no owners or faction members were online to move the ship or explain their presence.

Amount of taxes saved by parking these properties on Earth: 100k+

Park in space, fellas - not on the starter planets.

Mars: you’re next.


Finally!! great job!!!

Bravo. Great job

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