My Base is no longer in my fraction

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> My Base is no longer in my fraction.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Mad.X

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 05. April 12:30

=> Zion Sector

Structure Name(s):
=> Mads_Station

Structure ID(s):
=> 16926518

How can we help you now:
=> Allow access to my base.

HWS has taken over the base, I think the base is too big? my mistake :frowning:

Yes, Class 8 is too big. Class 7 is max.
Get help here what to remove fastest:

I have set it to you (private) now but hurry

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thank you very much, base is now class 7 :slight_smile:


lights, glass, rounded edges, decorative blocks. basically everything that makes it look cool will hinder class size. cpu tier and size classe limits are to help game performance more than anything. start with ur basic functions then build out from there. sadly with most of the popular workshop builds: if it looks awesome, it probably doesn’t fly well. especially in heavy multiplayer environments :frowning:

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