My base keeps disapearing

Hi this is the second time my base has went POOF!
I check the intruder log to see who attacked me, but every time it comes up with nothing.
Can you tell me what’s going on?
My faction name is NAMBLA abbreviated NAM.

Thank you


I checked every logs and can’t find stuff regarding to you.
Is it possible that your stuff you build wasn’t big?

The server has a decay time:

My last one was the 2nd tier starter base. 2 or 300 and something blocks.
I built it one night and the next day when I logged in it was gone.

This does make twice that this has happened. The first time it was the Tier 1 starter base
and the same thing happened poof it was gone. Maybe something that’s worth looking into.
I thank you for taking the time to look into my issue.
If there’s anything else that comes about pertaining to this issue plz let me know. It’s
very odd that I build a base in the factory menu and it vanishes within a day.

Yeah indeed - very strange I could not find anything.
The longer a server ran without wipes the more likly stuff like this happens. These are cases devs never can expected in their little testing environment. So best thing we can do and doing: we report such cases to them and helping them with the development.
To help you nevertheless I can spawn you the ships/base you lost as soon as you started them in your factory. Just let me know then.
(with a little helping hand :wink:)