My CV and SV became some other faction

I landed with my CV - Defiant (and my SV - razor) on the desert planet in homeworld space and I was kicked out of my ship and she dissapered. I found her 4 k away but she is not mine anymore and someone is piloting my SV (it was private). Both ships are not even in structure commander :frowning:

Thank you for your answear

Probably I stopped on the green barrier and that is the reason why my ship disappeared :frowning:

Likely by the time you got there someone had cored your ship im afraid.


all I can see is that you got very unlucky since someone else came and took it after few minutes

But yes, the coordinates telling me also you was near the green / barrier which can cause a lot of problems.
Since it is PvP I canโ€™t give it back to you, only helping you out by warping somewhere safe for example?


I did not know that barrier do this, next time I will be careful about it :slight_smile: I am already away but thank you for your offer and your time.

After experiencing this bug multiple times - I make it a practice of never going through the green barrier if at all possible. Iโ€™ll go the long way around before taking a chance on the barrier.

Sometimes cant be avoided in middle of combat - breath held every time through.

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